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Life's UnfairSome people seem to be very lucky and good things are coming their way constantly. They even behave as if they deserve to be happy and prosperous. Other people live in less comfortable circumstances and are always struggling to make ends meet.
Yep, life is unfair. But – let’s not stop there. Life is unfair, but God is good!
I believe in grace. I believe that God knows about our circumstances and challenges. Even in the absence of proof I hold on to this truth: God knows and God cares and he is good!
Sometimes we need to be patient. Sometimes we are just learning to trust him more. Sometimes we need to accept that things will not get better right here, right now. Sometimes we need to rise up and change things ourselves (God did give us some talents, brains and muscles, didn’t he?) And all of the time we can be sure that God’s mercy is more than enough.



  1. Yes, I needed the reminder. Thanks for keeping your blog open – not that I’ve been blogging much lately but every now and again, I drop in.

  2. God IS good!

    I have updated my blogroll…welcome to WordPress!

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