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101_5674Haven’t been blogging in English in the month of July! So it’s about time to tell you how we are doing and what we’ve been up to. As a family we had a great vacation in Devon, England. Two weeks with some ‘English weather’ (no, it wasn’t raining non-stop) and lots of things to do and see.

Lydia, Sosha and Pascalle enjoying some sunshine at the beach – Esplanade, Exeter.

It was also nice to spend some days with my brother Frank, his wife Alma and their ‘kids’ Milan and Annick. I hesitate to call them ‘kids’, because – just like Robin, Sosha and Pascalle – they are growing up so fast!

Most of the time we had cloudy weather, which can be expected in the UK, of course. But Devon and Cornwall are located in the south of the UK and this is a part of the country where you can expect some sunny days too! We stayed on a camping site in Starcross, near Exeter. A visit to the world renowned Dartmoor national park was one of the highlights of our holiday. We also liked Exeter (walking and taking pictures for me, shopping for the rest of the family…), Shaldon and Teignmouth (where we had a beautiful, sunny day).

We all love to visit England and it was nice to have some peace and quiet in the countryside.  Driving on the narrow roads with no shoulder and high hedges on both sides was not such a great experience (my son Robin, who is always an even-minded and easy going guy, complained about ‘panorama views of only 2 meters wide’). For our poor Citroen Xsara Picasso it was quite demanding too, especially when I was trying to follow my brother’s Volvo in a more rugged terrain. At one point we simply had to stop on a steep hill, with a car behind us and vehicles approaching us from the opposite direction. But we all survived – and so did the car.

Driving to Devon and (2 weeks later) back home again was quite a journey. We decided to cross the Channel by ferry, because this is a nice break and it’s more fun than using the Channel Tunnel’s rail link.

Just to give you some impressions, I will upload some family pictures here. Hope you like them! In the next couple of days I will also share some pictures from Devon’s coastline, nature, sceneries etc. Click on pics to enlarge (and click again – and again – for a really good view).



  1. Wow,
    this is amazing and extremely beautiful

  2. I love Devon. Makes me home sick. I am glad you had a good time.

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