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Looking Up

looking up
there’s room for doubt
and plenty of space
for tears to flow
who’s stopping them
from falling down?

I just don’t know

a window closed
protective shield
a separation from
the sky above
the one I love

it’s just a season
so I trust
it’ll come and go



  1. Very nice poem. Love the photograph. I’m always drawn to reflections and how they not only reveal but also distort the reality they are reflecting. Much like our attempts to live a life of godliness. Because we are flawed individuals we can only be a poor reflection of the One who saved us. And it is grace that allows us to continue and ultimately triumph. Peace my friend.

  2. Nice picture! It gives seed indeed for the growing of words, reflections of light, which can only come from the outside. In my “psalmoiek 12” (I have no idea how to name that in English) I also play with the concept of a window, with me is’s words, in your poem it’s your whole being and even more: is has the perspective of season. Great to share that!


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