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101_5825I took this photograph during our holidays in Exeter, Devon (UK). One of the painters noticed me taking this picture and obviously thought that I was a bit crazy (he’s right, by the way). “They’re just buckets!” I heard him say. His mate looked over at me and stared back at the buckets. “It’s artistic, right?”

“Yep. You’ve got it, Sir – it’s very artistic”.

Later on Sosha, my eldest daughter, wanted to give me an excuse to take another crazy / artistic pic. “I will stand here, so now they’ll think you are just taking my picture,” she said. I was aiming my camera at the green ends of some stacked wooden scaffolding planks for another artistic picture when she said this. Her smile was so sweet, and I love her so much… I had to take her picture too. 




  1. I’m so smart !

  2. Too funny. 🙂

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