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On my way to Hoofddorp’s rail way station I always see this piece of art. I am talking about a statue of a man dancing on the water. During the Winter he looks like a figure skater, but in the Summer he’s more like a dancer. He spreads his arms as if he is ready for take-off. I don’t know, but maybe he is Icarus – the mythical man that used his wings to fly to the sun. Too close to the sun, as a matter of fact, so his wax wings melted and he fell down to earth…

The flying man is a great piece of art, but so are the Great Cormorants that use this statue as their point of view. If they spread their wings, like they often do, it makes a great image. I have made several pictures of this combination of flying man and sitting birds – this is just one of them.

And by the way, I am still blogging in Dutch on Vrijspraak – and terribly neglecting this blog in English… Anybody still with me?

Click on the pic for bigger size and look below for a full size picture of the entire statue with birds.



  1. Hi Still here with you… you are so creative. thank for the combination of your art and the falling man.

    Greetings from Kenya

  2. Sterkte, Sosja! Alles verder okay?
    Ik ga eens kijken, of we een link hier naar toe in onze web site voor de kerk kunnen krijgen. Ok?

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